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When applied to Market, Business and Product Strategy, a natural byproduct is overall Corporate Strategy.  Your Chief Strategist can provide significant independent input affirming or suggesting alternate options to the strategic direction of your corporation / division.

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Market Strategy - Product Strategy - Corporate Strategy

Market Strategy

One of the key advantages of the Chief Strategist Program is that of bringing in an outside expert to evaluate your marketing strategy from a global industry perspective. How your strategy weighs up against competitors, what can be done to improve or polish your companies' approach. Exploiting industry channels, identifying and approaching partners. What's missing, what wrong and what will and wont work.

A key advantage of the program is the ability of the Chief Strategist to access resources that would not ordinarily be available to 'full time employees', particularly when it comes to competitive analysis. eagle

The Chief Strategist Program analyzes your strategy against the industry at large, leading to the development of strategy that optimize your product and corporate position.

Product Strategy

The planning and positioning of products require much more than just a great ideas, or simply the assembly of components. Thorough analysis of industry trends and directions are crucial throughout a product lifecycle. Numerous studies have revealed the small cost of modifying product strategy in early phases of development, verses the extreme cost of modification in the latter phases of the development cycle.

Products features, ease of use, price, marketing and sales approach, etc. must all be weighed up against the competition and general market forces (C-Law's). Market and consumer expectations, whether from a standards perspectives, price expectations, or even simple aesthetics, amongst other important factors, are unfortunately often far from an engineer's drawing board. The Chief Strategist's responsibility is to constructively critique products, providing guidance from both a marketing and design perspective.

The Chief Strategist Program provides and invaluable sounding board for your product strategy.

Corporate Strategy

While General Corporate Strategy is not the primary focus of the program, the 'outsiders' perspective of the Chief Strategist allows certain advantages in the perception of Corporate structure, and the efficiency of an organization. Non-politicized advice 'cautions the emperor without clothes'.

The Chief Strategist may be applied to general business strategy, operating procedures and implementation strategy including the architecture and implementation of internal systems.

The broad industry exposure of the Chief Strategist brings new techniques to your organization.

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